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Bleeding Illusion

Design like photography and Video making is my way to make you dream.

Life is so hard and painfull that we need our heaven of senses.

Visual Art, photosession, design, Sketches are my way... i can gift you a moment of peace .

HIRE ME for a while
i am not ON SALE

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my services

Video Making
Cd Layout
Web design

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About Me

A so called fashion addicted man meets the music and photography.
After few years as Fashion designer oZZo was driven crazy by photography and decided to add his passion for music in every single works

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Contact Me

Via G.Pizzi MILANO

E-Mail: ivano@ivanotomba.com
Phone: +39 3492810136

... life goes on

noir,instinctive and creative photographer i love to talk about myself in my shoots and graphics.
Born as photographer/fashion designer I improve my skill as art director and designer working as freelance for Vodafone Lab project, Edison Italia, Pernod Ricard Italia.

Specialized in Bands Shooting and styling in several years I've been shooting bands as Mellowotoy, Rhyme, Audrey, Furor galico drawing t shirt merch and cd layouts too.

In the last year I improved my web designer and app front end designer thanx to the collaboration with Kodobeat srl a web developing agency.

After few months Kodolab has born as a spin off of Kodobeat matching my creative skills with a developers and programmers team.


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Specialized in fashion shoot, glamour and Adv.
Outdoor and indoor set for custom needs.
Working with hi specialized make up artist, stylists and hair stylist for a professional shooting.


Bands shooting and Cd layout

Bands shooting and Cd layout

Bands!! do you need a professional shooting different from the sterotype of bands pix? HIRE ME for a while. Custom shooting, indoor (studio with background) or outdoor (locations selection) for every kind of budjet but with the same pro result.

are you looking for Cd layout design and merchindise ? HIRE ME if I've already done your photo set i can offer you a bundle!!!


Video Clip

Video Clip

I work as Director, video maker and editor video.

HIRE ME for a while to look for the best solution in price and idea.

Your video will be ready for youtube channel streaming, Tv or other Media.
I collaborate with a lot of directors and agencies to find right solution for the right price


Design - Web Design

Design - Web Design

According to the new busyness solutions I work as freelance web designer for Kodobeat srl
Mobile app, web sites, web app for your band, your business.

I love to draw and logo design so HIRE ME for a while to customize your t shirt your wall your life.



The solution is always .. a long trip after that you’ll find a brand new place.

And here we are at SPAZIO MH my new house, my new place where share and live my dreams
Here My new works will born and my dreams will come true thanx to you

HIRE ME FOR A WHILE.. lets join me!!!



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After a long trip (probably only of my mind) after loosing and meeting people on my life, I decided it’s time to have a portfolio cos when somebody asked me “which is your job?” the only right answer was … “donno I show you something” but even if I’m a web designer too i didn’t have a place where show my works.

So her it is my new web site.. thanks to Simon Sbrigoli who helped me, in life too not only in programming or web design eheheh and thanks to my new studio “studio MH” where finally I can do some f**king amazing studio shooting.

So my new anthem will be HIRE ME FOR A WHILE.. lets join me!!!



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